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Eleanor Poppy at Two

Just like that, my baby is two. I wish had words of wisdom to share, observations on motherhood two years deep, but mostly Mama is tired. I was editing photos for a newborn session recently when Peter said he recognized the look on the new parents’ faces. So tired, so happy. That’s it, isn’t it? So tired, so happy. This girl is such a ray of sunshine. She is smart and fierce and funny and…

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This video has probably helped me process what happened on election night more than anything that has come out so far. As anti Trump protests raged on the streets outside their studio, SNL and Kate McKinnon gave the world this beautiful performance. Simultaneously a tribute to both Hillary and Leonard Cohen, it was perfect. Hallelujah is actually my favourite song. I am always a little hesitant about saying that because I love Cohen with all…

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Five Nonpartisan Things

As we approach the US election tomorrow tensions are high. I am Canadian, but even here people struggle to talk about anything else. The whole world is watching this election and it is easily one of the most important of the last hundred years. While I sincerely hope that every single American citizen has looked at the facts and plans to vote tomorrow, I think a few small diversions would do everyone some good. So…

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Simple as Apple Pie

After our beautiful haul apple picking last week I have been on the hunt for recipes to inspire me to bake. I love baking but lately anything extra added onto my day feels like one thing too many. I blame the kid. She cute, but she doesn’t seem to understand that letting Mom bake delicious things equals getting to eat delicious things. We’re working on it. I went searching through some of my favourite food…

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I don’t even know what to say about this. I am speechless, and a little unsettled. What is this?! This is real? It supposedly went to theatres in the US June 17th, has anyone seen it??? Watch the trailer and be confused, but weirdly mesmerized with me.

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