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Kids & Photography

Hello Under a Northwest Moon! I didn’t mean to stay away so long, and thank you so much for all your sweet messages wondering when the blog would be back, they meant so much to me. The truth is I’m still finding balance as I develop my little Northwest Moon world. After having Eleanor this blog let me flex my creative muscle a little and feel good about putting something back out into the world again.…

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A Year in Review

After a long absence over the holidays New Year’s Eve feels like the right moment to jump back in to my little corner of the internet. Between work, holiday celebrations, travel, and a few winter sniffles and aches, December didn’t leave much room to write. I hope the season has filled you with love, reflection, and appreciation for what 2016 has brought us, and for what we will leave behind at the stroke of midnight tonight.…

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The Day After

Just a short post today for what must be obvious reasons. I am stunned, disheartened, and horrified. Call me naive but I never though this would happen. I had hope. I thought people would choose hope. There are so many things up in the air now. All of my dreams for what the world’s political landscape could look like are gone. I have to admit that I know nothing about the United States. This country…

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Yesterday was nonpartisan day on the blog. Today I’m letting my feminist flag fly high. I thought about writing this post on Wednesday, but I’m going all in and posting it ahead of the big vote. I believe that before the day is out the United States will have elected their first woman as President. I am not going to let her opponent sully this moment for me. I will not focus on how it…

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That photo you see on the top of your screen was months in the making. As soon as I saw Stranger Things this summer I knew Eleanor had to be Eleven for Halloween. They have too many similarities to ignore. While Eleanor has’t yet revealed to us any supernatural, telekinetic, or ESP abilities, my sweet girl and her fictional counterpart have both mastered the art of the serious stare down. They are also both brave and kind and…

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A Mother’s Beauty

I found photographer Jenna Hobbs on Instagram shortly after I had Eleanor. Jenna lives on a farm with her four beautiful children and her documentation of their lives stopped me in my tracks. There are hundreds of brilliant photographers on Instagram, but when I saw her account I knew it was something special. After so many years of working in a studio I have only started getting my bearings as a natural light and portrait photographer,…

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I so feel for the woman in my featured photo above. You know what really bothers me though? Given everything that has been happening in the world these last few weeks it was not immediately obvious to me which protest she had participated in. In other words, there are still so many prominent assaults on women’s rights in the news today that I had to make sure exactly which pile of fucking shit she was…

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On Parenting

I haven’t talked a lot about parenting here. Mostly because I really haven’t been doing it that long, and the past year has been such a whirlwind that getting my thoughts together on the subject is a challenge. There is one realization I have had that helped me find balance in my day to day routine that I would like to share. When Eleanor was first born it shocked me just how upset I would…

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Adventures of a Mediocre Cook

I am not a great cook. It’s not that I’m bad, I can put together a meal, but it doesn’t come easily to me. I need to read a recipe over at least three times and prep all my ingredients before I make most meals and more often than not something will go wrong. Thankfully I have the next best thing in my life, my partner is an amazing cook. Peter has that intuitive cooking…

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My Birth Story

Almost fourteen months ago I did something big, I had a baby. Ever since I have wanted to write down my birth story. Every time I start I stop. I have had such trouble telling this story, which is funny because I have told it a thousand times. I told it to friends and family as they looked down at my perfect little baby girl. Writing it down and sharing it is different because birth…

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