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And in the Summer, I do Paint

Artist Hank Schmidt in der Beek and photographer Fabian Schubert have been collaborating on the series Und im Sommer tu ich malen (“And in the Summer, I do paint”) since 2009. Schubert describes the project as, A conceptual and visual reflection about the picture-in-picture, a painting artist in the picture, a once painted landscape in the picture and a painted pattern of a shirt as a picture. It is also hilarious. I can’t look at the series…

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Clara Peeters

The Prado museum in Madrid was founded in 1819 and this month marks the first time they have ever held an exhibition featuring a female artist. This long overdue right of passage reflects the prejudice Peeters would have encountered in her own life as a female artist, and sadly exposes just how slow major institutions have been to embrace the considerable artistic talents of women throughout history. Born in Antwerp sometime between 1588-1590 most of…

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Banquet Atelier & Workshop

I like art that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Art that can brighten up a space and make you smile. I also tend to gravitate towards pieces that I consider minimal. Simplified shapes, blocks of colour, and straightforward design. Banquet Atelier & Workshop falls into all of these categories. When I first saw their animal prints, which are inspired by vintage classroom prints, I knew they were the perfect thing to cheer up my apartment.…

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Romina Ressia

Sometimes you discover an artist who leaves you speechless. I don’t even know where to start with Romina Ressia and her gorgeous portraits. I love them so much. That is as eloquent as I can be.  I have such a soft spot for portraiture. One of my dreams is to have a home filled to the brim with old portraits. Italian renaissance, Spanish Baroque, 17th century Dutch, and 18 and 19th century British portraits. I…

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Rodney Smith

When I’m feeling short on inspiration there are a few artists I can turn to who always leave me feeling recharged. Rodney Smith is at the top of that list. Smith is an American born fashion and portrait photographer, but he describes himself as, “a landscape photographer. Who places people in landscapes”. This wit and sense of whimsy is a hallmark of his work. He is a master storyteller. Within one still frame he manages…

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Jeannie Phan

I found Canadian illustrator Jeannie Phan on instagram a while ago and my feed has been a whole lot more delightful since I did. Her illustrations are so witty and beautifully designed. Most importantly though, have you ever seen such cute little kitties? Not ashamed to say I’m a little obsessed with them. I love all of her work, but the GIF’s she posts are my favourite. There is such a subtle, wry humour in…

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Agnes Martin

For Agnes Martin painting was an act of meditation. Looking at her work is about feeling what she put into the canvas. Shapes, grids, and stripes in simple palettes wash away the noise and clutter of the visual world and instead focus on the ephemeral realm of emotion and sensation. It is an exercise in restraint. Martin was a minimalist master. Born in 1912, her most productive periods were in New York City, where she lived…

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Max Wanger

The Pacific Northwest has a funny relationship with California. She’s our sunny, popular, cheerleader, older sister. She is the apple of her parents eye, perfect and eager to please. In contrast we are the moody younger sibling who spends all her time listening to Morrissey and Clash B-sides. We mostly wear black and have recently gotten really into German Romanticism and concepts of the Sublime. While we also have gorgeous scenery to spare it is…

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Meg Callahan

M. Callahan studio is the brainchild of Meg Callahan, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate with a love of the handmade. The studio specializes in the most beautiful made to order patchwork quilts, and how I would love to have one of these beauties in my home. The combination of the traditional and the contemporary in her work is perfect. The pieces are as cozy as any quilt your grandmother every had but they would…

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Quick little post in honour of world breast feeing week! Boobs. You gotta love them, especially when they’re helping your little babe grow big and strong. Mine have always been big and troublesome and frankly a pain in the ass but I have grown to love them in a whole new way since having my daughter. Mostly because for the first ten months of her sweet life shoving one in her mouth would solve all…

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