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The Crown

A lovely distraction popped up last week just when I needed it most, Netflix’s new series The Crown. I love a good historical drama and this one was made sparing no expense. The first season alone cost over £100 million to produce. The first two episodes cover 1947-1952, the year of Princess Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip Mountbatten, to the death of her father King George VI. The acting is quite good, with Claire Foy a clear stand…

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Christmas Pajamas

As November marches on I find myself thinking about Christmas traditions. They are without a doubt my favourite part of the holidays. Now that I am a parent, and Eleanor is almost of an age where she can appreciate such things, I am so excited to plan the traditions I want to share with her. First on the list is my family’s traditional Christmas pajamas. Every Christmas Eve we would eat Chinese takeout from our favourite…

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Mabo Kids

I have already talked a little bit about Mabo Kids here, but this beautiful line really deserves a post all its own. Designer Emily McMaster has created a brand that season after season produces the most charming, timeless clothing for littles. Everything is classic and just a touch nostalgic. These are clothes that wouldn’t have looked out of place a century ago, but still manage to look modern and fresh today. McMaster uses the most beautiful…

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Elizabeth Suzann

In my younger days, I used to shop fast fashion looking for the trends I saw on my favourite TV shows or in magazines at cheap prices. The clothes weren’t great, the fabrics were cheap and you were lucky if you could wear the piece three or four times without it falling apart. I thought I was saving money buying cheap clothing, until I really did the math. Those cheap clothes were costing me more…

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DÔEN, Fall ’16

This is my second post about Dôen in as many months, but after seeing their fall lookbook I couldn’t help myself. The sleeves on those knits alone deserve their own post, and then there are those dresses and that jumpsuit to talk about. The Caravan dress sees a return of their vintage block prints from summer, and together with the Anka sweater dress it has almost a medieval feel, but medieval in the most streamlined,…

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I’m giving some well deserved love to a local Vancouver favourite today, the brilliant Strathcona. Better known as Strathcona Stockings, they have recently expanded into silk loungewear. The brand is known for their eye-catching patterns. They take the fancy sock to a whole new level, but their designs are more sophisticated than your average fare. Every Strathcona pattern is an original artwork created by founder Riley O’Byrne, with inspirations as varied as blue and while…

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Down Comes the Rain

As a proud Pacific Northwester I am a firm believer in the old saying, there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing. The origins of this expression are disputed. Some say it was originally a Norwegian proverb, others would argue it is Swedish, others still say it must have been a Scot. One thing connects all three of these countries and makes it possible that any one of them could have made…

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California based clothing line Dôen was inspired by vintage designs and a nostalgia for a California of past decades. This nostalgia seems to cover Indian block prints, gauzy, easy silhouettes and lots of flattering cuts and details. The results have me loving this whole line. Those dresses and blouses are the real standouts. I can see every one of these pieces transitioning beautifully into fall with a pair of tights or a jacket. If I had…

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Rylee and Cru

Throughout my pregnancy I was reluctant to buy any clothes for the baby because our friends and family had already given us so many lovely gifts. That all changed when I happened across Kelli Murray’s brand Rylee and Cru. I bought three tiny onesies in the most adorable prints and colours imaginable. We didn’t really need any more baby clothes, but as soon as I saw them I wanted them to be the first gifts I…

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Ace & Jig

While I am in no way ready to admit that the end of summer is on the horizon I do find myself flipping through the fall lines as they make their way into stores. I can’t help it. Summer is my favourite but there is something about fall clothes. The layers and textures and jackets and socks and tights and trousers are so cozy and inviting. Maybe it’s just that I know we can’t run…

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