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Category: The Amateur Botanist

The Amateur Botanist: Monkshood

For this second, long overdue, instalment of the Amateur Botanist I have decided to soak up the spirit of the season and talk about the sinister beauty of Monkshood. Last week while we were away, we visited the beautiful Japanese Garden on Mayne Island. If you find yourself in my part of the world it is worth a visit. On one of the high points of the island, in a corner of a beautiful park…

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The Amateur Botanist: Lavender

This is the first in a series of posts that will look at the history, properties, and uses of plants. I love growing things and I love learning about the things that grow around me. It is so easy nowadays to run to the drug store or the grocery store to get whatever we need. we never see the flowers and the leaves that make up our teas, or our perfumes. Most people wouldn’t recognize the…

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