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A Gift Guide for Littles- The Needs

The third and last instalment of our wee gift guide covers the needs in your littles’ lives. The needs get a bad rap when it comes to holiday gifts, but they are some of my favourite things to give and receive.  Something you need can cover anything that would probably need to be bought anyways. In our household this includes sports equipment, all weather gear, books, and other essentials.

In case you haven’t checked the calendar time is getting tight to order any gifts online, luckily most everything on this list is available on Amazon and can ship in just a few days. A Christmas miracle for last minute shoppers.

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Not everyone considers books a need, but in our house we would beg to differ. I have picked out a few sweet books to wrap for Eleanor under the tree and I’m not sure who will love them more, her or me. I started crying in the middle of the shop when I first flipped through The Wonderful Things you will be, but the girl ringing me in assured me it happens all the time. All three of these books bring the feels, but I promise it’s worth it.

Our beloved yellow Aigle boots would make the perfect gift. They will keep your babe’s feet dry in all weather, on all kinds of adventures.

You know what makes changing diapers more interesting? The cutest holiday prints on little baby bums.

This is the bike seat I bought for Eleanor’s birthday and we love it. It can go in front or behind your seat, and that little handlebar will make your toddler feel like they are running the show.

You can’t go for a bike ride without a helmet and Nutcase makes the cutest ones around.

I have mentioned before that this is the only thing I put on Eleanor’s skin. It is so refreshing to find a product that works with only one ingredient and no sketchy additives or preservatives.

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