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Easter Basket

Friends, it has been a long cold winter. The buds on the trees outside my window are only starting to show pops of green, the lilacs are still nowhere to be seen, and only a handful of blossom trees I pass are in bloom. Eleanor’s closet is full of spring dresses and rompers I have been itching to see in action and I am so tired of wrangling an almost two year old into multiple layers I could scream. The silver lining is that time marches ever forward and good things come to those who wait. The flowers will bloom. The weather will warm.

With all the challenges this winter brought can you blame this Mama for going a little overboard on Easter this year? I meant to be reasonable, I really did, and then the gorgeous bunny you see at the top of your screen hopped its way into my life. I blame its little knit ruffle collar and pom pom jumper. I never had a chance. Part of me also feels like this is going to be one of Eleanor’s favourite holidays going forward because the girl is bunny crazy. I couldn’t pass up the chance to see her snuggling this beauty for years to come.

The rubber ducky and the new spring ready kicks are the the other two big ticket items. Considering that shoes and bath time are two main topics of conversation around here and I can’t wait to see her face when she finds the basket this weekend. Throw in a classic bunny book, a teeny wooden bunny, and a few flowers for tiny fingers to plant and I think it is safe to say that we are giving Spring an appropriately warm welcome.

Here’s to warmer, sunnier days ahead, and a very Happy Easter to you and yours.

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