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Northwest Moon Posts


The weekend is here and summer has finally decided to return to the West Coast after a few gloomy weeks. I will be heading straight for the beach and I hope you find yourself in a similarly summery situation. Kicking off a Friday tradition on Under a Northwest Moon here’s a little roundup of some of my favourite things from around the internet this week. With summer just warming up around here I’m not even…

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I love classic clothes. Those cuts and colours and fabrics you know will never be out of style. A good shirtdress, or perfectly cut T shirt. Slouchy trousers, V neck cashmere sweaters, and boatneck shirts. I love that they look good in any place or time. There is also that tomboy sensibility that I can’t get enough of. Nothing fussy or frou-frou or just too much. On my best days I like to think my style…

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The Amateur Botanist: Lavender

This is the first in a series of posts that will look at the history, properties, and uses of plants. I love growing things and I love learning about the things that grow around me. It is so easy nowadays to run to the drug store or the grocery store to get whatever we need. we never see the flowers and the leaves that make up our teas, or our perfumes. Most people wouldn’t recognize the…

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Hot Suit, Cool Woman.

There is something about a woman wearing a really good suit. Casual suit, dressy suit, I’m not picky. It is instantly cool. It’s not so much about the clothing, although one can not say enough about the importance of good tailoring, it is the attitude that brought the woman to the suit. I love a good gown but they will never be able to capture that borrowed-from-the-boys irreverence my tomboy soul admires so much. From…

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Louise Bourgeois

A number of years ago I had the good fortune to live in London for a short while. After arriving at an empty apartment and without knowing a soul in the city I set out to look around. I took the tube to St Paul’s, walked towards the river, and across the Millennium Footbridge. In front of the Tate Modern Gallery stood the enormous bronze spider Maman (1999) by Louise Bourgeois. Maman stands over 30 feet…

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